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Power Roots.
Stimulates root development and increases resistance
Power Roots is an organic root stimulator. This stimulator is used during the growth phase and during the first weeks of the flowering phase. Power Roots stimulates root development and increases the resistance of the plant. The product acts quickly and is economical to use. The absorption by the plant is almost immediate. Power Roots provides vigorous plants.
Shake well before using. Dosage: 1ml of Power Roots for 1 liter of water (1: 1000). Use this liquid fertilizer with every watering until the end of the third week of flowering.

Do not tilt the product during transport and store away from light. Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30 ° C. When dissolved in water, its shelf life is 24 hours maxim um.
R 36/38: irritating to eyes and skin.

Water, humic acids, seaweed extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), amino acid, myo-inositol, thiamine (vitamin B1), alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). Organic fertilizer NPK (1-0-2). 1% Total nitrogen (N) including 1% of organically bound nitrogen, 0.2% phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water (P2O5), 1.5% potassium oxide soluble in water ( K2O). FERTILIZER NF U 42- 001. FERTILIZERS NPK , FULLY PLANT AND ANIMAL ORIGIN. Fertilizer based on animal and vegetable waste. To be used in case of recognized need; do not exceed the prescribed dose.

Tips from Plagron
The use of Power Roots can reduce the risk of overdose of fertilizer.
Power Roots strengthens the resistance of the plant.
2 Roots of Plagron is a root stimulator bio logic that ensures faster and more abundant root development, better absorption of nutrients, more efficient use of fertilizers and present a better return for all plants tested. Roots can be mixed with all fertilizers and insecticides.
Transplantation: 10ml dilute product in one liter of water. Water thoroughly with this mixture.
Cuttings: dilute product of 20ml in a liter of water. Dip the cuttings in this solution for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
foliar spray: dilute product 5ml in one liter of water. Spray the plant thoroughly with this solution once a month.

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