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N - P - K: 0 - 6-5
Ripen is a unique product in our industry. It is neither an additive nor a stimulator but a complete fertilizer that contains everything the plant needs to complete its cycle of flowering or fruiting.
Ripen is a fertilizer late flowering, also called "forèage solution." It is specifically formulated to accelerate the maturation of the plants and to improve their content in active principles.
It is a mixture of inorganic salts and buffers assayed by our researchers with great thoroughness. At this stage of growth, the accuracy is indeed of the utmost importance: the plant, at the end of life, is generally more fragile and the assimilation process is greatly lower than the growth stage.
Ripen acts at different levels:
-It Gives the plant a strong signal to let him know that it is the end of life. She responds by flowering and fruiting accelerated in an effort to reproduce before disappearing.
-It Forces the plant to increase its defenses and therefore its active ingredients.
-It Gives the plants all the mineral salts they need, in reproductive effort. -In Case of accumulation of nitrate or trace elements, it helps metabolise these residues, improving Goetz harvest.
This nutrient has many uses:
-It Allows you to quickly harvest a crop, before it is spoiled by a cold and humid weather background.
-In Greenhouse or indoors, it aligns the cycle ends and finish faster ripening of the slowest plants.
-In Case of a severe infestation of fungi or insects, it accelerates the cycle and get a crop before the plants are destroyed.
-he Finally increases the content in active principles of medicinal, aromatic and culinary.
Application :
Ripen is used both in hydroponics in land, whatever your method of cultivation, and whatever the fertilizer used during the life of the plant.
The last 10 days of flowering, dilute Ripen in water with adjusted pH.
In hydroponics: 4-5 ml / L - EC: 1.8 to 2.2
Earthen: meme dosage, watering two.
See also the application charts on the labels of One Part, and Flora-series.

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